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3DS: AutoDesk 3D Studio format.

3DV: VRML Worlds (import only)

ASAT: ACIS solid modeling file format for storing graphics as ASCII files.

BMP: Bitmap format, TurboCAD for Windows

CGM: Computer Graphics Metafile.

DAE: Collada files (export only).

DCD: DesignCAD (import only)

DGN: Intergraph Standard file format.

DWF: Drawing Web format.  Import is automatic.

DWG: AutoCAD native format for vector graphics.

DXF: Drawing eXchange format, used by AutoCAD to interact with other applications.

EPS: Encapsulated Post Script format.

FCD: FastCAD DOS format (import only)

FCW: FastCAD Windows format (import only).

GIF: Raster graphic format (export only).

GEO: VRML Worlds (import only)

IGS: IGES format.

IFC export.

JPG: JPEG image compression standard, full 24-color. TurboCAD for Windows

JPG: JPEG format, SDK sample filter (export only)
MTX: MetaStream format.

OBJ: Geometry definition format.

PLT: Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language.

PNG: Raster graphic format (export only).

PDF: Adobe Portable Document Format

PDF(3D): Adobe 3D Portable Document Format

SAT: ACIS solid modeling file format for storing graphics as ASCII (SAT - Save As Text) files.

SHX: Format that saves selected entities as a single shape, that can be used in a line style (export only). This is not the same as *.shx font format.

SKP: SketchUp file format.

STL: Stereo Lithograpy format.

STP, STEP: Step format.

SVG: Web graphic format (export only).

U3D: Universal 3D (U3D) is a compressed file format standard for 3D computer graphics data.

WMF: Windows MetaFile format, saves graphics as a series of records that correspond to graphics function calls, such as drawing straight lines, curves, filled areas, and text.

WRL: Format for saving graphics as a Virtual Reality Model Language (VRML) description.

WRZ: VRML Worlds

XLS: Spreadsheet format (export only)
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